In 2020, we received 8 Testimonials:

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Great service and excellent work

My laptop screen had bad distortion and was becoming increasingly more difficult to use.

Jan investigated, replaced the screen and within 4 days I had my laptop back and working perfectly.

I am delighted! Jan is very knowledgeable, a good person to work with and at a reasonable price.

He also helped us with technical questions on applications, thank you Jan!

Lesley Hayes (Bedford)

Saved me!

My laptop stopped recognising my email account, which was complicated by it being shared by work and home logins.

Jan came over speedily, and reconfigured everything to sort out the problem and make it so much easier for me to use.

I totally recommend Jan.

HIs work is good, his prices are very reasonable, and he’s a nice person to work with.

Ruth Bender (Oakley)

Very impressed

After having no joy with BT engineers in sorting out my computer, I was recommended by a friend to call Jan.

He gave me a lot of knowledge on how computers work and their connections. He got everything working and I was so thankful.

VW (Kempston)

Great work

Thank you very much for fixing my 3 laptop’s.

I’m really pleased with work have you done for me.  Laptops working fine.

Jan doing extremely quick repairs and for reasonable prices which I’m happy with. I will definitely recommended him to any of my friends and family.

Keep doing great job Jan.

Thank you again.

Marlena (Clapham)

Great Job

Jan recovered important data from my broken laptop for a cheap price and with a quick turn around.

Would definitely recommend.

Oscar Wright (Oakley)


Jan Sorted out my computer at a time when I needed it most.

It was overloaded and suffering from too many previous “helpers”.

He was very patient and clear and sorted out my folllow up questions patiently.

I would thoroughly recommend him.

Daphne Vicarey (Bedford)


I have used other IT people but Jan was outstanding. He simplified my laptop which had become overloaded with virus protection, and removed programmes put on by other IT consultants, which had caused me confusion and had dramatically slowed the laptop.

He clearly explained things to me in terms I could understand.

I would recommend him.

Barbara Woplin (Bedford)

Excellent Service

Jan recovered my valuable data from my 11 year old failed PC. Placed it on an external hard drive, then to my new Lap Top.
He is extremely thorough and helpful, explaining everything in in a clear basic way, which was good.
Delighted with the service and help.
Would recommend 100%
Thank you Jan.

Brian Mayne (Bedford)