In 2015, we received 33 Testimonials:

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Quick, efficient and friendly

I was having a problem with my laptop not being able to access the internet following a change of internet provider.

I contacted Jan and he was very freindly and willing to help.

Within a very short timescale he came round the same day, looked at the laptop and sorted it out.

I know who to turn to now with IT problems!

Ken Bergin (Oakley)

Great service

Jan has spent hours with me today (a Saturday) setting up my new laptop, transferring files from my old one and synchronising with my tablet.

Despite many unforeseen setbacks he kept smiling, encouraging and explaining stuff.

Val Favell (Oakley)

A most dependable expert

Jan is a most dependable expert.

He exhibits great expertise married with unbounded patience when dealing with your problems. He is also a Trainer at heart and explains everything as he goes along.

This married to the fact that he is also a very nice guy makes him an expert who can be recommended in every way

Bryan Wilson (Bedford)

He never gave up!

Our 4+ years old laptop needed two separate repairs & hours of work. Jan explained things really clearly at every stage: thanks to his determination & perseverance it’s now as good as new!

Ian Baguley (Oakley)

What a good service!!!!

Jan was recommended to us by a friend, and we were not disappointed when he installed a new computer.

His patience was remarkable and he explained very clearly to make sure we understood. He spent 5 hours with us and we can only say how impressed we were.

His fees are very reasonable. We would certainly recommend Jan to others people. Thank you Jan!!

Christine Torchia (Bedford

Great Service!

What friendly, patient and efficient service!

I would thoroughly recommend Jan.

Jan Follett (Stevington)

Jan’s outstanding knowledge and service

I was most impressed by the wealth of knowledge Jan has of all things “computer”, particularly past, present, even future programs and systems which are still in the development stage.

He is aware of their benefits and limitations and how appropriate the are to each individual’s requirements. His prompt response was also impressive.

Hugh Constable (Brickhill, Bedford)

Fast Service

Prompt, friendly, reliable service at a time to suit me.
Definitely know where to come when I next need help.

Niki Humberstone (Oakley)

Complete Satisfaction

I called Jan when my computer failed to function, after finding his details in the local Bedford News. He took the time to listen to what I had to say about my PC problem, and then explained what the possible causes could be. He then said there would be no call out charges and came to see my PC on the same day.

He took my PC away to repair and in the mean time offered me a replacement to ensure I was not without internet access for any length of time. He kept me updated as to what needed to be done, and I could not fault the service at all.

I will fully recommend him to friends and family, on the basis that he gets the job done, he knows what he is doing, and his charges are realistic too!

Jacqueline Merry (Clapham)

Breathing easier

Thanks to Jan we are a more at ease with our computer, we are extremely impressed with his patience Our problems big to us have no worries for him.

No doubt we will use his services in the future.

Roger Key (Sharnbrook)

Excellent Service

My computer had been giving me some problems for quite some time, black screen/s, and very slow. I wondered whether I needed to completely update my system.

I contacted Jan, he explained very clearly what needed to be done, took the hard drive away and tested it. I now have a computer up and running and a different virus package has been installed. I would highly recommend Jan, excellent service.

Gillian Webb (Bedford)

Computer Service

I contacted Jan because I was not happy with how my computer was performing.

Jan was very clear in explain what he would be able to do and led me through the process.

I am very pleased with the outcome, Jan’s approach was very understanding of a non-technical computer user.


Barrie Keyte (Oakley)

Great Service

We had a few problems with our laptops performance but after having a full service from Jan and having lots of unwanted programs removed and a better anti virus program installed the laptop is now running great.

We were very pleased with the service and have already booked next years Express follow up service.

Brian Hammond (Oakley)

Black screens everywhere!

One day, my PC decided that it no longer wished to display anything. Jan was quickly able to diagnose the problem, and provided an excellent service while doing so.

He also taught me a few things I could do to prevent future problems.

Tom Brophy (Kempston)

Laptop Repair

I called Jan at Oakley IT as my laptop needed some serious attention.

The standard of attention and service was and is excellent. The attention to detail was perfect and the results of his repairs and changes have proved to be spot on.

The overall cost was also very much within budget and I highly recommend his services.

David Lakeman (Bromham)


A very professional service all set up and ready to go.

Jan helped my daughter in law on his visit as well.

Looking forward to my training session.

Oakley.IT – highly recommended.

Charles Finch (Stevington)

Excellent Service

Aileen English (Stevington)

Apple iPad Repair – What a wonderful service!

I dropped my iPad and it stopped working completely. In London I had been told either it was unfixable or that it would cost several hundred pounds to fix.

My Mum suggested I try this service in Oakley, the village where they live and I am very glad she did. ipad fixed and returned the very next day at a fraction of the price it would have cost in London. Thank you.

I will recommend you to all my London friends!

Shelley Randell (London via Relative in Oakley)

Apple iPad and iTunes Help

I asked Jan to take a look at my laptop as I couldn’t update anything on my phone or ipad as there was no storage and I had lost word since windows 8 was added. Not only were all the problems sorted out but I learnt allot and very good price too!!! Defo use him again in fact going to ask if I can have a lesson to learn more as I’m not afraid of my laptop any more!!!

Dee Roberts (Bedford)

Laptop Upgrade

Having become very attached to my laptop, Jan turned it round in a matter of days at a very affordable price.

I highly recommend that you try his services.

PC world he ain’t thank goodness. For personal service you will not find a better or more efficient service.

Paul McCoo (Enfield - Relative Lives in Oakley)


Many thanks Jan for your patience with me and my laptop.

He explains everything that even an old lady like myself can understand and dealt with my providers which I would never have been able to on my own.

He is still helping me so I can highly recommend him.

Sheila Taylor (Oakley)


I was recommended to Jan by a friend who also lives in Clapham who had problems too.

I had a very slow PC and had been using XP, and needed to update it to Windows 7.

Jan first of all went through everything I had on PC, clearing out anything not needed. Not only did he install Windows 7, he talked me through each step, slowly.

I had so many pictures all over the place. He basically went through step by step what I needed to keep. He also installed better Anti Virus protection for me, as other one was not working correctly.

This was time consuming for him and have to say he has so patient with me. He has even positioned PC and rearranged whole desk to make life easier for me.

Not only do I have a better workstation, fast and efficient working PC. I also picked his brains on how to connect a JVC sound system to work through my TV, and sounds amazing.

Jan was here over 5 hours and was worth every penny he charged, which I will add was low for all he did.

He was so friendly and feel I have also made a friend. It’s a shame there are not more people in life like him. Its rare nowadays to meet genuine people.

His knowledge and expertise is vast and have learnt so much today.

He left me smiling, happy and so pleased with all he did for me.

Thank you Jan will only be calling you from now on.

Lisa Garratt (Clapham)

Prompt & efficient service

Thank you for your prompt and efficient service.

The Laptop PC is now fully functional and your tips and advice were superb.

David Sawford (Marston Mortaine)

Fully Satisfied

Jan is a pleasant character with a good knowledge of his subject, and explains problems and possible options for solutions in plain language so that it is comprehensible even for a dinosaur like me.

many thanks


Michael Sim (Sharnbrook)

Great, efficient service

Very pleased with the service to my laptop that this company provided.

They were extremely helpful and friendly in dealing with the issue that my computer had.

Owen Richardson (Oakley)

A good service

Jan has now serviced a laptop and PC for us at home, as well as the PC I use for my business.

He was willing to work over a weekend so that we had the PC before the business opened on Monday morning, which was a great help to us.

He explained what he had done and made helpful suggestions about security and so on.

Jan is knowledgeable on his subject and fitted in with our schedules.

We appreciated his flexibility as well as his expertise, and the charges were very reasonable.

Joy Denny / The Word Christian Books & Cards (Bedford)

New life into an old machine ….

Noticed Jan’s Advert for OakleyIT in North Beds Magazine. I called Jan who came to see my laptop to see if it was worth fixing.

I removed what I wanted to keep then Jan came to pick laptop up. He called me within 24 hours to say it was all ready. Now it will be no longer collecting dust, plus a happy husband as it doesn’t need replacing.

Quality service….

Sian Mullen (Clapham)


Had an ongoing problem with sending emails. Jan dicussed this with me on the phone, came to see me, tested my system, explained what was wrong, and sorted things for me.

I am very happy with his service, explanations, and help, and would recommend him to my friends.

Gill Murray (Bromham)

Doms Auto Services Bedford

I have had the pleasure of knowing Jan which was recommended to me, as I needed to update my pc to windows 7.

He talked and guided me through step-by-step, keeping me informed on progress made and that is very important to me. Prompt reliable efficient and a very nice chap.

It was very convenient that he came to Bedford, so we can still run our garage with no disruption. My pc was ready in under week so if I need your expert help I will be calling on OakleyIT.

Thank you very much Jan .

Maria Marsala (Bedford)

Rescue of weak and old computers

My underpowered PC had become almost unusable due to a number of problems. Jan was able to explain that my security was not nearly as good as I thought, so there was some virus infestation. He not only fixed that and a number of other problems, but explained how.

In addition I had an old laptop which a previous consultant had failed to mend. Jan quickly diagnosed a totally damaged hard drive and fitted a new one. There were important files that I had been told could not be recovered but Jan explained how this could be done quite easily.

Richard Reeves (Wootton)

Didn’t need a new one!

Jan restored and updated my computer.

I didn’t need a new one after all!

Lots of money saved.

Chris Bedford (Oakley)

Computer Service

Jan visited today to carry out a major service and update of my desktop which had been giving number of problems. I was extremely happy with our consultation and subsequent action taken to sort out my difficulties.

I have no reservations in recommending his services which I found to be excellent in all respects.

David Chapman (Oakley)

Thank you – fast and reassuring service

I had a problem with my laptop and was due to leave for uni in a few weeks. Jan came very quickly and fixed my laptop, explaining the problem simply to a completely non-computer minded person, as well as giving me other useful advice about using my laptop.

I would definitely recommend Jan – a fast and reassuring service. Thank you Jan!

B Thomas (Wilden)