In 2011, we received 44 Testimonials:

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Excellent Service

Thank you Jan for helping me sort out what I now believe was a fairly minor problem recently. An old duffer like me needs all the help he can get. Jan has also helped me on a couple of previous occasions, with first class results and service. Many thanks.

Alan Brown (Oakley)

Rejuvenation + Comprehension

Having suffered from a moribund PC for several months – action was required, thus with hesitation a call was made to OakleyIT; the hesitancy need not have been. Jan listened to my list of problems, rationalised them and suggested that the most cost effective way to proceed was an upgraded PC. He sourced a good quality replacement, very modestly priced, changed all the material from my old PC giving good and very helpful advice on operating methods whilst doing so, all accomplished speedily at a reasonable cost, so I will not hesitate to recomend Jan for any future P.C. requirements I may have. Result! A very happy user, thanks Jan.

Malcolm Lewis (Oakley)

Top shop

Fantastic support! Even giving just advice was spot on. Really impressed me. Would recommend to everyone.

Colin Jackson (Bedford)

Reluctant User

I’ve had my computer for approx 4 years but never been quite happy with it. Recently “gremlins” seemed to have got into the system so I contacted Jan for help. Not only has he sorted the “gremlins”, but he has offered very helpful tips and information on general use of the computer. I think in future I might just possibly enjoy using it rather than it being a chore! I shall certainly seek Jan’s help and advice again.

Lin Swift (Oakley)

Extremely Sluggish Laptop

I am just so pleased I picked up a copy of the OakleyIT News in the village Post office. My laptop (having had a full service from Jan and more memory added) is working just great. Jan is just a great guy – I cannot recommend him highly enough. I am just so pleased to have met him, he is one of the nicest people I have ever met. Thank you so much Jan.

Pauline Hoare (Oakley)

Saved Me 800 pounds ….. cheers

Nearly 4 hours’ work at silly price(55 pounds) restored my 6 year old computer to pristine working order; if anything, it works better now. Plus Lots of good advice on working practice. Already booked my next service – stupid not to really.

Barry Shread (Oakley)

Confused of Oakley

I am pleased to write this testimonial to endorse and support Jan in the excellent IT work that he does. He certainly knows his stuff! He keeps things simple and explains what needs doing and why – which is valuable when trying to understand the ‘computer lingo!’
I wouldnt hesitate in recommending Jan to family and friends.

Roz G (Oakley)

Highly Recommended

Jan has MOT’d our home PC. He took time to identify any existing problems and then spent his time cleaning and tidying our PC. It is now working better than ever. Already booked him in for a 6 month check. Thanks Jan.

Clare Fay (Oakley)

Good Stuff

Jan listened to the problems I was having with my laptop and quickly and efficiently sorted it out. Not only that, but he also helped me understand where I went wrong and I learned some valuable lessons when it comes to computers!

James K (Oakley)

Great service

Jan does exactly what you want, working with you to achieve an excellent service. Resolving all the problems I had, whilst giving valued advice. I would recommend Jan to everyone.

Darren Goodway (Oakley)

When All is Lost, call Jan

Jan is a very congenial sort of person and an expert in his field. Nothing is a problem for him to sort out even at financial cost to himself. I would highly recommend Jan.

Philip Goodway (Bedford)

Jaaaan toooo the rescuuuue!!!!!!! (again…!)

This man seriously goes above and beyond the call of duty. He has spent hours sorting out an ongoing issue with my pc and STILL managed to return it to me 24 hours after picking it up! My base unit is so old and temperamental … yet everytime it decides it’s had enough Jan manages to ‘talk it round’! He explains everything he does with clearly with attention to detail and keeps you updated every step of the way – always at cheaply as possible. Seriously impressed with the service, can’t thank you enough Jan : 0 )

Emma Hayward (Oakley)

A Grateful Client

Jan has provided a tip top service with a friendly,helpful and informative manner. He goes the extra mile to help. My anxieties setting everything up at home were totally put to rest. Thank you Jan and nice to know you are there!.

Sue Owen (Oakley)

Confused Housewife

Could not get Wireless but Jan managed to get me sorted.

Vera Gardwood (Oakley)

If you are about to throw your pc out of the window – STOP and call Jan instead! Friendly, no nonsense help is just a phone call away, and Jan will stick with it till the problem is resolved, and doesn’t make you feel stupid in the meantime! Thanks Jan, fab aftercare as always, highly recommend to all.

Sara Glennie (Oakley)

Quick reliable service

Jan has recently helped us with staff training and also helped to make our lap top run quicker. Thanks Jan we won’t hesitate in contacting you again!

Oakley Pre-school

Good Job


Brenda Barnes (Oakley)

Better than I had dared to hope

Jan was always helpful and friendly with full explanations when requested. He gave his time generously with no shock at the end. The new part he fitted cost me less than half quoted elsewhere. He restored my insufferably creaky machine to its original dazzle. I live 20 miles from Oakley but would not look elsewhere for any further computer sevicing.

Allen Offord (Sandy)

Amazing level of customer service

What really sets Jan appart from others is his attitude towards customer service, which is second to none. He genuinely seems to care about providing the very best service possible and willingly goes the extra mile. Thank you Jan – it’s very much appreciated!

Carol Farrant (Oakley)

Great Job

A great job done and excellent at explaining in simple terms the problem!!

Helen Gray (Oakley)

Another satisfied customer

Jan was round in 15 minutes to solve my immediate problem. He soon came up with long term solutions to improving my computers performance and went out of his way to keep the cost to me to a minimum. Excellent service.

Terry Carroll (Oakley)

Thank you

Thank you Jan ! Computer is much quicker than before and have picked up quite a few tips I didn’t know beforehand – well worth the money !

Julie Hewitt (Oakley)


Jan removed what I would recognise as a virus very quickly and efficiently and, as a result, not only has the virus gone but the laptop is much quicker as a result. Thank you.

Kathryn Staniforth (Riseley)


Being in the village Jan was prompt and professional and sorted out my computer in a matter of hours. Thanks

Sally Sparrow (Oakley)

Money well spent

Jan breathed new life into our tired laptop. Decluttering and a general MOT has saved us the money we might have paid for a new one. Lots of useful tips no-one had mentioned before and the 6 monthly revisit is such a good idea and exceptional value. Thanks again.

Diane Tansey (Oakley)

Great Job – thank you

My daughters laptop had become nearly unusable being both very slow and behaving erractically. It is a good one and not old to give up on. We thought it was a virus that had really taken hold but couldn’t find anything – called Jan and he came round within minutes and thereafter provided an excellent service that completely recovered the laptop, sorted out lots of weaknesses and steered us to some great value new software to replace corrupted Microsoft package. Jan certainly goes the extra mile to provide great service and I would be happy to recommend to friends and family.

Nick Clements (Bedford)


For ages my PC had ground to a halt.Jan cleared out all th old rubish and fitted a bigger memory. His MOT is one of the best deals out.A very proffesional service. If you have a PC you cannot afford not to use Jan!. Why go any were else?

Mark Hobbs (Oakley)

Lost Associations

Following an attack by an IT lowlife, my computer had lost the ability to open exe files. Jan sorted it in no time. Nice one, Sir!

Dave Draper (Oakley)

Job well done

Jan is the most efficient, patient, easy to talk to Computer guy I have ever dealt with. I had serious viruses on my computer. He sorted them all out, gave my computer an MOT and has helped me with numerous other problems with my laptop. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone. Once you’ve had Jan, there’s no going back!! Thanks Jan

John Stringer (Oakley)


Jan is nothing short of wonderful!
I’m not a very computer literate woman and Jan fixes all my computer problems and explains very easily in layman terms where the computer problems lie… but best of all… He fixes them!!!
Fast and efficent service… I would recommend him highly.

Thank you.

Julie Mckenna (Northampton)

Jan’s The Man

A great and cost effective service – I picked up a virus three times and my machine was cleaned up quickly and effectively – no waiting around and no loss of data!
Thanks Jan!

Anna Bridges (Northampton)

Fantastic friendly & super quick service

Our computer has run slowly for what seems like forever, I’ve wasted hours on the phone to my broadband supplyer trying to get to the bottom of the problem, re-setting the router, doing various checks on the pc, even purchasing extra ‘bits’ at their suggestion and within two visits Jan has solved the lot! The computer is running brilliantly! He’s cleared 3 years of junk and unnecessary clutter that I didn’t even know I had! He’s gone above and beyond all expectation, even staying for well over his allocated time to correct another ongoing problem I had with my printer! He’s explained everything he’s done every step of the way in a simple, patient & unpatronising manner. So much so, I’m now thinking about booking him to come and deliver some home training. Honestly can’t thank you enough Jan, just wish I’d contacted you sooner!

Emma Hayward (Oakley)

Great Service – 100% satisfied

Jan gave my machine a full MOT along with a full breakdown of what had been done and recommendations should I want to make it faster and even more efficient. My machine now runs much faster and it feels so much easier to use. To add to this all the information was given to me in an easy way to understand. Would recommend to anyone who wants there computer maintained to the highest level.

Tim Walker (Northampton)

Great service

My slow running, always crashing, laptop is now running better than ever thanks to Jan. Great service, and he even explained the problems in layman’s terms rather than technospeak! Thank you very much, will certainly use Oakley IT again.

Carol Atkinson (Oakley)

Excellent service

Jan Rymarz handles the IT support for my business (Law). He provides excellent advice on purchasing new equipment, sets up equipment and finds solutions to problems swiflty and efficiently. Jan’s support is second to none and a most cost effective way of keeping our IT up to date and working efficiently. He explains things in a way that is clearly understood even by someone to whom “computer speak” is a foreign language. When we’ve “broken” things, Jan has managed to help on site within 24 hours or remotely even sooner.

Heather Rose (Towcester)

PC Repair

Thank you Jan for repairing our PC – well rebuilding it really – and doing it so quickly and over the weekend – picked up friday pm and back sunday morning -very professional, polite and reliable – I will always come to you first for any PC needs. thank you.

Rachel Saunders (Oakley)

PC Repair

Thank you Jan for repairing our PC – well rebuilding it really – and doing it so quickly and over the weekend – picked up friday pm and back sunday morning -very professional, polite and reliable – I will always come to you first for any PC needs. thank you.

Maria Randall (Oakley)

Good local support

Jan provides prompt and efficient service. How great it was to have someone pop in in the morning on their way from taking the children to school and fix my problem.

Phil Evans (Oakley)

Prompt and Efficient

I called Jan and he came out that day and told me what he could do and when he could do it. Delivered job ahead of time and with no hassle. Will definitely use again and happy to refer him to others. Thanks

Martin Stirling (Oakley)

With thanks

Many thanks for a job well done. Jan is very pleasant to have in your home and he explained well to a computer illiterate.

Judy Roxborough (Oakley)

Very Professional

Very impressed – sorted my problem quickly and efficiently.

Jimmy W (Oakley)

Quick Response

Jan came very quickly to solve our IT problems. Very friendly and willing to work. Happy to work the times we wanted and overall a fantastic service. I would recomend him to anyone.

Ann R (Oakley)


I had been having problems with a very slow PC and was on the verge of replacing mine. However, Jan carried out an extensive clean-up and as a result my PC is working much quicker! Jan also took the time to explain what he was doing and why, so I even learnt a few things too. Definitely recommend his service – he was very thorough and conscientious.

Rebecca P (Oakley)

Great for new computer users

Dear Jan, on behalf of my wife and me, I would like to thank you for all your help in getting us up and running in the world of the internet. From helping us pick a computer to getting it ready for use and us.

Ali & Diane McCutcheon (Oakley)