Having now acclimatised myself to the new and sleeker views from my new windows (ie. “7” as opposed to the old and familiar XP), I have now found time to say thank you for your advice regarding the long term security implications of continuing with my old friend XP and pointing me towards the change to the 7 system – for which I am extremely pleased. As you suggested, it is designed on similar lines, but with a few more bells and whistles, which once mastered are just as user friendly as XP ever was.

You arranged and carried out the change-overs and setting up in your usual accomplished, professional manner, providing both tuition, advice and suggestions in equal and helpful measure. All this at reasonable costs, little or no out of action time, and at times to fit in with my activities.

Whilst wishing to consider you as a friend, it is my hope that I will not be contacting you too often (in the nicest possible way) but feel sure that should the need arise you will not hesitate to help me.

Yours, yery Satisfied,