I was recommended to Jan by a friend who also lives in Clapham who had problems too.

I had a very slow PC and had been using XP, and needed to update it to Windows 7.

Jan first of all went through everything I had on PC, clearing out anything not needed. Not only did he install Windows 7, he talked me through each step, slowly.

I had so many pictures all over the place. He basically went through step by step what I needed to keep. He also installed better Anti Virus protection for me, as other one was not working correctly.

This was time consuming for him and have to say he has so patient with me. He has even positioned PC and rearranged whole desk to make life easier for me.

Not only do I have a better workstation, fast and efficient working PC. I also picked his brains on how to connect a JVC sound system to work through my TV, and sounds amazing.

Jan was here over 5 hours and was worth every penny he charged, which I will add was low for all he did.

He was so friendly and feel I have also made a friend. It’s a shame there are not more people in life like him. Its rare nowadays to meet genuine people.

His knowledge and expertise is vast and have learnt so much today.

He left me smiling, happy and so pleased with all he did for me.

Thank you Jan will only be calling you from now on.