A problem solved

Thank you for an efficient and friendly service solving my Outlook problem.

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Clarify and explain

Thank you Jan for fixing my laptop so efficiently. Your explanations of what was wrong helped me a lot.

My laptop is faster than I remember it being for years.

I had been recommended to use you for IT issues and was certainly not disappointed. I will certainly recommend you […]

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Invaluable Assistance

Jan has helped me with my computer problems on a number of occasions.

His help and expertise has been invaluable, and he is very good value!

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Thank you

Thank you very much Jan, I have a phobia of computers and you fixed the problem and gave me reassurance.

I will be using the Service sessions and getting more advice in the future.

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Testimonial 2014

New windows 7 Home Premium installed in old computer.

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The Best by Far

Thanks for taking a lazy and unpredictable laptop and turning it into an accurate Speed machine, I can now see the world in minutes not hours.

I will always recommend you for your efficient and friendly service.

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Our computer & printer were not very happy and were not talking to each other.

After Jan’s visit, they are now getting along happily together. We had a detailed explanation of why this was happening and was explained to us in layman’s terms.

Would be happy to recommend you

Many Thanks […]

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Fast, friendly and efficient service

Thanks Jan for servicing our two laptops and the advice you gave as to how to get the best out of them given what we use them for on a day to day basis.

Great service and would easily recommend to anyone.

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Very many thanks

Thank you OakleyIT for the very comprehensive and prompt service for my ailing PC.

It really was badly infected and Dr. Jan has done the trick!

Nice to have things explained within the limits of an amateur’s understanding and not the usual ‘gobbley-gook’.

I really appreciate the repair and the visit.

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Thanks a million, Jan!

When my poorly performing, ancient PC died suddenly, the potential panic & hassle of what to do next and how to go about replacing it was completely eliminated once I contacted Jan at Oakley IT.

He sourced a reliable, nearly new PC for me, then worked very hard on my […]

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