Services based on over 30 years’ experience are structured, fully documented and provide
clear feedback about work carried out plus lots of tips.

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EXPRESS SERVICE – usually lasts around 90 minutes (£35)

  • commences with a detailed assessment of key computer specifications and its physical condition, and a conversation about good passwords, backups and inventories (storing software and licenses).
  • Identifies whether your computer has enough healthy memory, disk space and processor power to handle tasks.
  • Undoes unwanted changes to web browsers (eg Home Pages) and deletes caches/temporary files.
  • Scans the system hard disk for errors (fixes them if possible).
  • Scans the whole computer with our preferred programs and removes all found threats (eg annoying popups etc).
  • Ends by defragmenting the system hard disk drive to improve general performance.

FULL SERVICE – usually lasts around 2.5 hours (£55)

(ideal if stability and performance need improving)

  • Commence with Express Service, plus:
  • Uninstall unwanted programs (many load without your knowledge).
  • Reduce the number of programs set to run as soon as your computer is started (this is a common cause of slow starting computers)
  • Check whether all “device drivers” are working correctly then download any available updates.
  • Assess settings relating to Windows Updates then investigate any available Updates (essential to ensure continued system stability and safety from on-going new security risks).
  • The final stage of Full Services focusses on increasing computer speed, by tidying the computer registry, defragmenting your hard disk drive and dealing with other problems identified in the main Service.NB users of Windows Vista also benefit from additional adjustments to stop unwanted services (only relevant to Windows Vista) such as the ability to print to computers around the world, using the internet.

A little more about our charges …

  • Our £35 Call-Out fee also covers the first hour of work.
  • To keep costs to a minimum for domestic customers, subsequent hours are charged at a reduced rate depending on the expected duration of the job. Business and Enterprise customers continue to be charged £35 per hour.
  • Express Services and Full Services are not subject to Call-Out fees or Hourly feels as their costs are fixed.
  • A small surcharge for fuel is normally added (45p per mile) in cases where travel exceeds 10 miles.
  • No VAT is chargeable (cheaper for you).
  • Our charges are very reasonable, fair and competitive (we always ask whether customers are happy).


To read what our customers think about us, please click here.

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